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John Hardman:

'Hi Jo,

I was on your course that started on the 30th July, you may or may-not remember but I was the exec corporate guy who decided a career change was in order!

It’s been a few weeks since the course finished and I just wanted to drop you a line saying thanks, I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much that that contributed to a solid foundation for further courses I’ve continued to undertake.

In fact I have already been able to share some of my newly gained knowledge with my brother-in-law who deals quite a lot with trade unions (referring to the legislation changes etc) and was able to help him put a short course together to make them aware of the recent OHS law changes.

So Jo, the learning was great, the experience was brilliant and would like to say again thank you. I will look you up on linked in because it would be wonderful to keep in contact.'

Jackie Hoy:

'That's ok, thanks so much for that. I really do appreciate how helpful you have been! The course has been amazing! The trainers you use are really great at teaching the classes and actually make you want to learn everything they know. 

I'll definitely be recommending this course and college to my colleagues.'

Mark Raschk:

'Seriously a great course, great trainers, including the OHS with Steve.  

I wanted to give you feedback..  I will be recommending CBDCollege without any doubt, as the college provides exactly what a learner needs.  

Both groups I was in were focused, positive and a pleasure to do the course with, so in a nutshell, dont change anything, it is GREAT.'


I just wanted to say thank you for a well delivered course.  You kept it light and entertaining and most importantly practiced what you preached.  From one teacher to another. Much Respect.  All the best.  James

Just touching base to say that you ran a great course last week.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal. –Heath Williams

The course was well-structured and has given me the skills and knowledge I need –Brett Halls

I enjoyed the class sessions and the trainer was professional and well-presented. Fantastic 7 day course. The process was better than anticipated!  – Grant Smith

Clear with instruction, showed patience and empathy to students – Robert Worthing

Very engaging and helpful! – Dannielle Van Den Novwelant

Really enthusiastic and motivating. The trainer explained theory and practical tasks really well and gave great feedback on tasks – Rhett Watts

A great way to learn!! – John Bonthorne

Cert IV WHS 

  • Best trainer I’ve had to date– Matthew Smith

  • Great source of knowledge and industry experience. Related good personal experiences to back up subjects...Fantastic course. Learnt a lot about OHS to take with me to my industry and job…. Good facility, good training and location. Easy to get to. – Tim Nash

  • Steve is a very practical and helpful trainer. Made the learning process so much more enjoyable. Overall, excellent course with a great mix of theory and practicality. Class discussions emphasised a practical approach. – Matthew Shad

  • Steve has an obvious passion for OHS and his wealth of knowledge and experience has been beneficial in the delivery of the course – Bruce Cunningham

  • Very informative and well organised. I would recommend to my colleagues – Carla Elbourne

  • This course was very enjoyable due to the in depth knowledge of Steve. He was enthusiastic, followed up on any questions we asked and was very approachable. This is definitely a course I would recommend – Joplin Higgins

  • Having been out of the ‘learning’ environment for a number of years I was apprehensive about the classroom environment but was put at ease by Steve’s teaching skills. I found him easy to understand, very patient and understanding. – Glenn Scrimgeour

  • OHS is usually a serious, repetitive and boring subject but the trainer did a great job to help us understand it in practice and know why it’s important.– Suzanne Sultan

  • The trainer demonstrated a very clear understanding of Cert IV, legislation, regs and the like and related very well to a broad range of examples and questions. – George Lawrence

  • Enjoyed the experience and whilst not having been in a course for many years felt comfortable. Very supportive and precise – Daniel Miscamble

  • I found Steve to be incredibly professional throughout the course and I really enjoyed his teaching style and method. Very impressed. – Joel Cleal

  • Seriously, one of, if not, the best trainer I have ever had – Peter Raschke

  • The trainer was very effective of getting the course across to the class in an easy to understand way. The only course and teacher/lecturer that I have ever wanted to stay awake to listen to! – Peter Lewis

  • Rene has been an absolute pleasure to work with for the course. She is an excellent trainer and I can’t say enough good things about her. – Leo Damasco

  • Rene is amazing as a trainer and assessor, myself, I found her engaging, refreshing and informatively entertaining – Victoria Karagavrilidis

  • I was very impressed and happy with the trainer. As I was extremely happy with the information, the trainer had good knowledge of OHS and they kept the class focussed. – Mark Osbourne

  • Course was excellent and would highly recommend it! Paul Lawrence is an excellent trainer and made the course a breeze. – Shannon Mccartan

  • I thought the trainer gave a very effective and enthusiastic course – Colm O’Grady

  • Excellent, made everything very clear – Garry Ferguson

  • The trainer really made the course more fun and effective. He was very enthusiastic and to the point. – Kirsti Alang

  • One of the best intensive courses I’ve ever done. Very satisfied – Sid Ganguly

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and I look forward to a career in OHS. – Ryan Mott

  • I found the trainer to be an excellent course lecturer. His methods and knowledge were without peer to any other that I have encountered. I have already recommended your course to my associates. – Dean Masotto

  • A well-presented course encouraging positive engagement – Asha Greenway

  • Very informative and approachable! -Shannon McCarten


Samantha Cass: 'Hey Scott,

How are you?

I just thought I would give you an email to let you know i passed (still waiting for the certificate in the mail though... )

Also, I started a new job as a safety officer with VODI JV in Gladstone, qld. They which stands for Van Oord Dredging international Joint Venture. I am specially employeed by dredging international. They are a pretty big company in Europe and as the name suggest the dredge (make bigger ports) and reclaim land (with the soil the dredge up they make land in another location).

I'm still getting my head around all of the work they are doing on site, it is pretty flat out at the moment. I like to call myself a trainee safety officer so they remember I don't have experience as they keep trying to throw me in the deep end. Haha

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks (remind u I might come do te tae) and let u know I am actually doing something with the piece of paper.'

  • Very knowledgeable and approachable. Course content and presentation was easy to follow. Would definitely recommend this course to others.– Russel U’Ren

  • Really enjoyed the course and your presentation style. Thanks, did a great job of inspiring confidence in the students. – Ben Heathcote

  • Scott was a great presenter and kept us all motivated and on track..Highly recommend course. – Dean Mottram

  • Excellent, professional and approachable, a skilled and talented presenter and an importabt resource. – Denis Hodge

  • Was nervous about doing such an intense course in such a short space of time but it was delivered very well and made it easy to understand and was well worth while. – Brad Duncan

  • Concise course content. Found it valuable to compress the course into 5 days. Would recommend it to anyone. – Heather Turley

  • Superb delivery of course, perfectly tailored to my learning needs and style. Very happy with course – Sebastian Robins

  • Enjoyable course with a lot to learn and experience. – Katherine Harper

  • Very informative, great knowledge in this field – Andrew Rosser

  • Very approachable and easy going. I found it easy to relate to Scott and a good mix of formal and informal discussion. Most informative – Steven Williams

  • Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable with good industry experience – John Farrell

  • Informative, approachable, entertaining, humorous and well-structured course. – Brendan Dixon

  • Scott was very approachable and easy to communicate with. Thoroughly enjoyed this course! …Very happy with course. It has shown me a great deal of information – Nicole Giles