General Policies

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We do not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, colour, sex or religion. All students are treated equally. Our instructors will assist and support students where appropriate, especially students with language, literacy, or physical disabilities, as long as the nature of the disability does not preclude them from completing the training and assessment. We do not tolerate discriminatory behaviour from students in any of our classes.

Any issues or questions raised regarding access and equity can be directed to the CEO.


CBD College courses require students to be in attendance for 100% of the classroom face to face days of training, unless:

  • the trainer has confirmed with the student their attendance is not required due to the previous achievement of content of the course.
  • other circumstances that are acceptable to the trainer prevent the student from attending. Attendance for the missed course content will be organised between the student and the trainer.


Coffee/First Aid/RSA/RCG and Whitecard Students –

We are unable to refund monies for students who do not turn up for Coffee / First Aid / RSA / RCG or Whitecard classes or decide at a later date after booking that they do not want to attend. Changes to class times are allowed, but not within 48 hours of the class commencing.

All Other Courses –

Where CBD College cancels a class:

Students are entitled to a full refund or transfer of funds to a future training program.

Where a student wishes to cancel a booking prior to course commencement:

For students who decide after booking that they do not want to attend, we do offer a refund of the course fee less $499 (for full qualification courses such as WHS or TAE) or less $75 (for 1-2 day TAE Upgrade Workshops). A refund of this kind, however, will not be granted if the cancellation occurs within 7 days of course commencement. Students who wish to make a cancellation within 7 days of course commencement will not be eligible for any refund. Changes to class times are allowed, but not within 7 days of course commencement.

Where a student requests a refund after course commencement:

Once students have commenced a training program/workshop and program materials have been dispatched, no refund is available to those who choose not to finish the program, competency and/or unit unless exceptional circumstances have occurred to prevent the student doing so (in which case, we may consider a refund of the course fee less $499 for full qualification courses such as WHS or TAE or less $75 for 1-2 day TAE Upgrade Workshops). CBD College cannot accept any responsibility for changes in personal circumstances or work commitments which result in non-completion of a program.

Fees and refunds are payable by direct credit payments.


If a course is cancelled or rescheduled by CBD College, all liability is limited to the amount for which the course was purchased (including any fees or charges). Unless required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law), CBD College will not be liable for any other losses incurred by students as a result of the cancellation, rescheduling or relocation of an event, including any travel and accommodation expenses, loss of invoice from work etc.

Students should carefully consider the refund and cancellation policies of travel, accommodation and other goods or service providers when making arrangements for attendance at a course. Students may also wish to consider taking out a relevant insurance policy to cover for any losses in the event of cancellation or rescheduling.


In accordance with the ethical provision of education and training services CBD College will:

  • ensure the health and safety of our employees and participants of training programs is prioritised.
  • act at all times with honesty, integrity and responsibility and in the spirit of good faith and fair dealing with our clients.
  • not engage in conduct towards training participants or colleagues which is seen to be unfair or harsh.
  • ensure the training department staff will not engage in any practice or conduct which brings the CBD College training department in to disrepute.
  • ensure that all trainers are aware of, and training programs make reference to relevant legislation and regulations.
  • ensure the training department’s policies and procedures underpin sound management practices as well as safeguarding the educational interest and welfare of participants.
  • ensure the provision of an inclusive learning environment conducive to the achievement of competency and appropriate to the learning needs of the individual participant.
  • monitor, assess and securely maintain the participant's education records specifically related to the individual's progress and course attendance.
  • ensure all facilitators and consultants are suitably qualified and sensitive to the participants needs i.e. culture, literacy and industry needs.
  • ensure fair and equitable dealings with clients and students.


All formal complaints must be received in writing using the official CBD College Complaints Form. This can be obtained by emailing Receipt of this will be acknowleged in writing within 3 business days. CBD College management will investigate the complaint, following which, a response will be emailed back to the complainant. Should the complainant wish to appeal the complaint, an email containing the original complaint form, the CBD College response and the reasons for the appeal need to be emailed to RTO CEO Matthew Gee who will provide a written response following an investigation of the complaint. Should the appellant not be satisfied by the response of the CEO, they may seek further assistance from the VET Regulator, ASQA.


Coffee  and First Aid Students

  • Students will need to complete online learning as part of this course and will therefore have to be computer-literate.

Other Students:

  • The laptop needs to be Wi-Fi enabled so that you can access the internet wirelessly from the training room using our Wi-Fi connection. You will be required to bring a laptop on every day of the course (except for the Apply First Aid course day in the case of Cert IV TAE).
  • A laptop with Microsoft Office installed is essential for WHS and TAE courses (Microsoft Office 2007 or later version for PC, Office 2010 version for Mac).
  • All assessment documents are written in Microsoft Word.
  • TAE students will also need to be able to use PowerPoint, which is included in Microsoft Office. Students will need to be competent using these programs. It is essential that if you do not know how to use these programs that you seek tuition before your course commences.


Fees for each training program are as noted in course advertising materials. Course commencement begins as soon as a student enrols with CBD College. Students are given access to our student portal with resources (including readings) and assessments and can begin their work straight away, with full support offered online or by phone immediately.


Coffee / First Aid Students

  • Students will need to be able to follow and recall instructions and information provided by the trainer so that they can complete activities that will be assessed. The activities will include demonstrating practical skills competently and recording answers to written questions. With both courses, multiple choice questions are asked via an online learning platform.

All Other Courses

  • There are underlying skill requirements of the TAE Training and Education Training Package and BSB Business Services Training Package units.
  • Candidates are advised that they will need to possess effective language, communications and interpersonal skills and have the ability to write a range of documentation.
  • Candidates will also be expected to read and interpret training packages, develop and document learning programs, present information, use technology and prepare various records and documents. Furthermore, cognitive skills in planning, research, interpretation, analysis and synthesis form part of the skills requirements of many units.
  • Candidates with special needs are advised to email prior to booking so that reasonable adjustments to training and assessment can be contemplated.
  • Where a student has an identified need for assistance with language, literacy or numeracy, CBD College’s trainers and assessors will endeavour to provide this assistance directly.


Coffee Students

For 5-hr ABS and Barista Basics students, if you have fulfilled all of the requirements of the course and have been deemed as competent, you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment from CBD College on the day of the course.

First Aid Students

If you have fulfilled all of the requirements of the course and have been deemed as competent, you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment from CBD College on the day of the course.

All Other Courses

After you have submitted your assessments and have been deemed Competent, you will receive a nationally recognised Record of Transcript and Certificate issued by CBD College Pty Ltd.


Students must arrive ready for class prior to their stated commencement time. Should you be delayed for any reason you must call and advise the trainer or coordinator prior to the class commencing. Please note access may be denied if the trainer determines a late arrival as detrimental to the entire classes learning and progress.


Plagiarism and cheating is not tolerated at CBD College and will result in the cancellation of the enrolment of any student caught engaging in these activities. No refund will be given in these cases.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process of identifying and verifying a person’s past learning experiences. It does not matter whether you have obtained the knowledge and competencies from life or work experiences, from formal training or from a combination of these areas. For example:

  • Life experiences
  • Formal qualifications
  • Work experiences

The objective of RPL is to ensure that an individual’s prior learning achieved through formal and informal training, work experience or other life experiences is appropriately recognised. Please click here for more information.


By accepting the terms and conditions at the time of enrolment, CBD College deems this to be a Training Agreement between the student and CBD College.  Following acceptance of the terms and conditions at enrolment, CBD College warrants to complete the training and/or assessment once a student has commenced study in their chosen qualification so long as the student remains in their cohort or short course class and complies with all assessment requirements. Where a student has to postpone completion of the face-to-face component of their course due to medical reasons, CBD College extends this warranty so long as, in the discretion of the CBD College, this is within a reasonable timeframe of their course commencement.


Students with special needs arising from learning difficulties, emotional or behavioural problems, or physical disabilities should contact prior to course commencement.


Our trainers and assessors are both experienced and skilled in giving support to learners and in making reasonable adjustments to training and assessment to accommodate learner needs, where required. Where necessary, our trainers and assessors can make themselves available to meet with students outside scheduled course times. Ongoing support can be obtained by calling CBD College on 1300 616 218 or by emailing