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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Please click on tabs above for information pertaining to RPL for TAE and WHS and see below for general information

RPL involves the assessment of previously unrecognised skills and knowledge an individual has achieved outside the formal education and training system. RPL is an assessment process that assesses the individual’s non‐formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual has achieved the required learning outcomes or competency standards.

Despite widespread belief, RPL is not an easy route as the evidentiary requirements are these days extremely high. Candidates should be warned that this can be a very long process that often depends on the presentation of an extensive amount of work‐based evidence including supervisor sign‐offs and work samples as well as the agreement to participate in a series of comprehensive competency conversations and the compilation by the candidate of an extensive portfolio of evidence. An RPL assessor will look through a candidate's evidence but it is the candidate's responsibility to collect and to present the evidence cohesively. Candidates must be aware that if they fail to produce the required evidence, that they will need to undertake gap assessments and may be required to film themselves exhibiting a skill that they have not been able to demonstrate through their RPL evidence.

If you are interested in pursuing RPL and having our RPL specialist call you, please email info@cbdcollege.edu.au. Please note that we charge $75 for you to talk to our RPL specialist who will be able to talk through your situation and to give you an indication on the phone as to your eligibility. This service will include email advice on how to proceed further. (This charge is waived in the case of TAA-TAE upgrade candidates).

Please note though that the above prices are not negotiable. Also note that if you are applying for RPL for just a couple of units - it will not result in a time-saving in the assessment phase for face-to-face students as our course is highly integrated (we do not adopt a unit-by-unit approach to our assessment and have only 5-6 assessments per qualification).

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