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Why Our Integrated Assessments Mean Less Work for You

CBD College takes an integrated and practical approach to delivering your course. Instead of delivering and assessing each of the course units separately, we have created a streamlined delivery and a smaller number of assessments that cover the required knowledge and skills across all the units.

The benefit of this integrated approach is that all the knowledge and skill requirements are linked together so that they relate to each other, making it easier for you to understand the information and finish the assessments. It also means more efficient use of time overall because you are not being assessed multiple times on material that appears in several units.

How Our Face-to-Face Learning Helps You Achieve Your Career Goals Faster

What many marketers of budget online learning won’t tell you is that their courses are often laborious and boring, leaving many students feeling discontented. Some of the key reasons why students get frustrated and why a lot of them fail to finish these courses include: lack of student resources, poorly thought out “off the shelf” assessment tasks for each unit and no human interaction to provide support and assistance.

By contrast, in our face-to-face courses our trainers actually deliver and train you up on the information that you need to know. Our tailor-made CBD Study Guides and electronic resources help you with key learning points. You are also given a free text book covering all the key elements of the course. Other helpful learning guides and support materials are also provided to you at no extra charge in our student portal area.

In class you are guided through our integrated assessments so you will not leave the room without a thorough understanding of what is expected of you. There is even time built in to class for you to start the assessments and you can ask questions of the trainers directly throughout the week.

We provide continuing support once you have left the classroom environment too. While you are completing your assessments, you are able to contact our assessors with any questions or seek assistance as required.

Ultimately this means you will:

  • Achieve your qualification in a much faster and efficient timeframe than online learners
  • Feel supported throughout the learning process knowing that you can ask for help
  • Advance your career with confidence in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Our high completion rate across all of the CBD College qualifications speaks for itself.