Upgrading from Cert IV OHS to core units of Cert IV WHS

Training packages/qualifications are usually updated every 5 or so years to reflect changing technologies, terminology, processes, legislation etc. Recently, the Cert IV and Dip OHS qualifications underwent such a change within the Business Services Training Package. This does not necessarily mean that OHS (versus WHS) qualifications are now invalid. It does mean that, to use the VET vernacular, these OHS qualifications have been superseded and in time may be seen as 'old' but they are definitely still valid.

So why would I want to 'upgrade' my Cert IV OHS?

If you wanted to undertake a BSB51312 Diploma of Work Health and Safety
It is now a government requirement that you show prior attainment of the core units in the Cert IV WHS or show equivalent competencies before being allowed to undertake a Dip WHS. If you are interested in undertaking a Dip WHS you should consider WHS Upgrade (but note that you will not achieve a full Cert IV WHS this way, but a Statement of Attainment showing attainment of the only the core units in the Cert IV WHS). This would therefore be a partial upgrade.

WHS Core Units Upgrade

The government has now made it an entry requirement that candidates can only be accepted into any BSB51312 Diploma of Work Health and Safety if they hold all core units in BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety or equivalent competencies. Only upon successful completion of the WHS Upgrade will they be allowed to enrol in the CBD College Dip WHS.

What if I don't have the core units of the Cert IV WHS as I did a Cert IV OHS?
You can't get into a DIP WHS with any RTO in Australia on the basis of your old Cert IV OHS. You need to hold the core Cert IV WHS units and one of these units bears no resemblance to any unit in the old Cert IV OHS.
CBD College has devised its own unique online learning/assessment-only pathway for those students who want to enrol in the BSB51312 Diploma of Work Health and Safety with CBD College and who either:

  • successfully completed the CBD College Cert IV OHS or
  • successfully completed a Cert IV OHS from another RTO (so long as the certificate is current - ie achieved since 2008 and they hold key elective units*) *BSBOHS401B, BSBOHS402B, BSBOHS403B, BSBOHS404B, BSBOHS405B and BSBOHS408A


  • cost: $299
  • assessment-only pathway  (no training, online resources provided)
  • number of assessments: 1
  • candidates must provide a certified copy of their current Cert IV OHS Statement of Attainment listing all units attained
  • upon successful completion of the upgrade assessment, candidates will achieve a Statement of Attainment listing core Cert IV WHS units. The units listed will include:

BSBWHS402A Assist with compliance with WHS laws
BSBWHS403A Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes
BSBWHS404A Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
BSBWHS405A Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS management systems
BSBWHS406A Assist with responding to incidents

  • upon successful completion of the upgrade assessment, candidates can enrol in Dip WHS with CBD College or other provider

Assessment-only pathway
Please note that this is an assessment-only pathway. There are no classes, no trainers and no live support associated with candidates' completion of this unit. Online learning materials have been custom made for this program and include student workbooks and other resources such as ppt presentations found in candidates' student portals. Email support can be obtained from WHSupgrade@cbdcollege.edu.au whereupon candidates' emails will be acknowledged and actioned within 5 business days. Please note that this support will only be granted once students have worked through student workbooks in their entirety and have accessed all prescribed online learning resources found on their student portals.


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